Commitment to Quality

Our goal at Big Lens Photography is to capture the best photos ever taken of your athlete in competition. Here are some of the things that help us achieve this goal:

Quality Control

Every aspect of the business is done by us from taking the photographs, posting them on the web, processing your order, printing, and shipping. We do this in an effort to strive for a flawless process and an enjoyable experience for you.


Sports photography places high demands on a camera's auto focus speed and requires powerful lenses. We've made the investment in these tools so that we can deliver the best photos possible.


Busy backgrounds only serve to divert your attention from the athletes in the photo. We put a great deal of effort into eliminating background distractions by often scouting the venue ahead of time to determine the best shooting angles. We use long lenses that put the subject in focus but through the background out of focus. For indoor venues we often use strobes to light the players and keep the background in the dark.


We don't photograph twenty games per day by spending fifteen minutes at each game. We'd rather photograph the entire game (and perhaps the same team in multiple games) to make sure we capture the best possible photos.


We strive to offer a broad selection of photos of each player whenever we can and to organize our we site so that it is easy to find the photos of your athlete.

No Duds

Okay, nobody's perfect and we take our share of dud photos, but you'll never waste your time looking at these on our site as we edit these out (along with below average photos) before they can be posted.


We double check every order. It is not uncommon for us to follow up an order with questions about cropping and sometimes suggesting an alternate photo.


We do all our own printing using the highest quality printers, luster papers, and archival inks using a color managed workflow. Each print is optimally cropped for the selected paper size. Please contact us with any special requests for black & white or sepia prints, matte or glossy paper options, or custom print sizes.


All prints are protected by clear plastic sleeves and shipped in sturdy envelopes (large prints are shipped in boxes).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Because of all of the above (and much more) we are so confident that you will be delighted with the photos that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.