Crop to Size

When you order a photograph we'll handle the cropping unless you instruct us otherwise. In the vast majority of cases photos fit comfortably in all popular print sizes. There are of course exceptions, and this page is meant to explain the different ways of handling them.

If you've ordered a photo and we've referred you to this page, it most likely means that the photo does not fit well into the size print you've ordered.

Aspect Ratio

Most cameras have an aspect ratio of 1.5 to 1 (1.5:1). This means that the longest side of the photo is 1.5 times the length of the shortest side. As the table below shows, many print sizes have an aspect ratio of less than 1.5:1.

Dimension Aspect Ratio
Camera 1.5:1
4x6 1.5:1
5x7 1.4:1
8x10 1.25:1
8x12 1.5:1
8.5x11 1.3:1
11x14 1.3:1
11x17 1.5:1
13x19 1.5:1

What's the Problem?

A cropping problem arises when there is detail on both sides (or top and bottom) of the photo that you do not want cropped. The following photo shows this:

Cropping alternatives

If the photo is cropped to the print size, then some detail will be lost. The advantage is that the resulting print fits into standard size frames and mattes.

The Alternative - Fit in Frame

The alternative to "Crop to Size" is to fit the entire image into the desired print size or frame, which we call "Fit in Frame." The picture below applies this treatment using an 8x10 "paper size" or frame.

Fit in frame

The advantage here is that no detail is lost, but prints like these require custom frames and/or mattes since they always result in a nonstandard size. Also, the borders on the side are much larger than on the top/bottom.

If your original order was for a borderless print and you select the Fit in Frame option, there will be borders on all sides like the photo above unless to you specify otherwise (in which case the short sides will be borderless).

Large Border Option

The final option is similar to "Fit in Frame", but includes larger borders. This makes the image appear better when placed in standard sized frames. Again, the picture below applies this treatment using an 8x10 "paper size" or frame.

Large border option